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Best Source Occupational Health and Safety Policy


Best Source recognizes and is committed under Chinese legislation to provide and maintain a safe, healthy and comfortable work environment for its staff, consumers and other visitors.

Best Source believes that a well-managed health and safety program is an integral part of good management practice.

The Best Source has a comprehensive OH & S Policy. Staff has an obligation to ensure that they are thoroughly familiar with its content. It is strongly suggested that the policy be carefully read and understood.


Best Source Commitment to OH & S


In fulfilling its responsibilities, Best Source will:
- Comply with all statutory rules and accepted codes and practices relating to health and safety.
- Set short and long term goals and specific responsibilities in the management of health and safety.
- Develop OH & S policies, procedures and guidelines.
- Ensure all line managers understand and take responsibility for the health and safety process in each program area.
- Provide information, instruction, training and supervision to ensure that staffs are aware of safe work practices, emergency procedures and any risks to health and safety in their work environment.
- Consult with staff and OH & S representative on issues relating to health and safety.

Best Source will ensure that management or delegates have practical knowledge of a take responsibility for:
- Hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control.
- Health and safety legislation, regulations and recognized standards.
- Specific health and safety issues within the workplace.
- Investigation of all diseases, injuries, near misses and accidents and formulate appropriate preventative action
- Regularly monitor and review the implementation of and compliance with OH & S policies.

Best Source is committed to providing: - Safe equipment and working procedures include adequate ventilation, safe electrical connections, appropriate resources, clear passageways, etc.
- Good facilities for the welfare of workers such as ergonomically sound furniture, kitchen and dining area, washrooms, first aid kit.